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Founded by World-renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr Vikram Shah; Shalby Hospitals (NABH accredited) is the largest joint replacement centre in the world. Shalby is a distinguished name known for its holistic approach towards treatment inclusive of surgery for all orthopedic conditions. In a span of 28 years, we have transformed more than 1,50,000 lives with our joint replacement surgeries backed with cutting-edge technology along with the best hospitality thereby making your experience a pleasant one.

Shalby Hospitals has set new benchmarks in quality patient satisfaction and infection control protocol. We take pride in being the most preferred choice of people for joint replacement and complex revision orthopedic surgeries in India as well as other countries like United Kingdom, U.S.A, Canada, Middle East, Africa and SAARC regions owing to Dr. Vikram Shah’s revolutionary “Zero Technique” . Shalby has always been a prominent name amongst famed doctors, celebrities (ranging from sports, politics, acting, etc. fraternities) for their or their family members’ joint replacement and other orthopedic surgeries.

Today, Shalby operates 10 multispecialty hospitals and 4 SOCE's (Shalby Orthopedic Centre of Excellence) in 11 cities along with over 50 satellite centres spread across India that treat more than 4,00,000 patients a year with more than 15,000 joint replacement surgeries a year, placing it notably on the highest rank in the world.

Visit Shalby’s Joint Replacement Centre today to enjoy the life you deserve with renewed joints.

Key Procedures

Revision Total
Knee Arthroplasty
Partial Knee
Total Knee
Total Hip
Partial Hip

Why Shalby?

  • Rich Experience of 28 Years with more than 1,50,000 joint replacement surgeries, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Vikram Shah, a celebrated name known for his exceptional surgical skills in the Orthopedic community universally.
  • Dr Vikram Shah’s innovation known as “Zero Technique” for smaller incisions, reduced blood loss & chances of infection, speedier recovery followed by discharge within 3-4 days
  • All our hospitals are NABH accredited
  • Class 100 Operation Theatres with HEPA Filters
  • World-class radiology and pathology services in-house
  • Strict infection control protocols resulting into minimal infection rate
  • Detailed pre-operative and post-operative care of patients by adept doctors of various specialties to manage any complications
  • Team of trained physiotherapists to get patients back to normal

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